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The History of Deregulation In The Energy Industry


Electricity and gas deregulation gained a head of steam in the US in 1985. Subsequently it has grown in popularity and through legislation. The US currently has 24 deregulated states. This number will continue to grow as energy users demand choices and say no to monopolies and yes to competition. The free market has always been the driving force behind innovation, value and quality.

The Power of Choice


You now have a choice of who you can purchase your power from. Choosing the right supplier can make a substantial difference to your bottom line. There are many factors that will affect the price of your energy, such as geographical location, kilowatt hour usage (kWh), peak & off peak usage, ICAP, demand, and line loss to name a few. P2P Energy Solutions successfully sources and negotiates with energy service companies (ESCO’s) to provide you with the best source of supply. Our industry knowledge and expertise of the marketplace ensures you will always purchase power at or below the current market.

Electricity and Gas Deregulation FAQ

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Do I live in a deregulated State?

A: We have a list of states posted on our website and update this list as new states come online.

Q: What if I switch suppliers and my power goes out, or I have a problem with my lines? Who do I contact?

A: You will always be a customer of your local utility company. There are two portions of your bill; one is the supply portion and the other is the delivery portion. Your local utility company, sometimes referred to as the Local Distribution Company (LDC) is responsible for the delivery of your energy and the maintenance of your utility lines. Should you have any problems, you would still contact your LDC and they will provide the same reliable service that you have enjoyed over the years. P2P will only contract out the supply side of your bill. We will always attempt to award this contract to the most competitive supplier available in your area at the time.

Q: Will my utility company penalize me, or give me sub-par service because I switched suppliers?

A: Absolutely not. Your LDC generates almost all of its revenues from the delivery portion of their business. In most circumstances, LDCs do not make ANY profit on the supply side of your bill because of federal and state rate caps and regulations. They are indifferent to whom you choose to supply your energy. In fact, if you examine your bill carefully, they clearly disclose the “price to compare”, should you choose to switch suppliers.

Q: How do I know the new supplier is reliable?

A: P2P only contracts with or acts as agent for established ESCOs that are registered with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). FERC is a government entity and acts as the governing body of the entire United States energy industry. In addition, P2P will only recommend the largest and most established ESCOs for consideration in your particular area.

Q: Once I decide to switch suppliers how long will the process take and what should I expect?

A: It will take at least thirty days for the switch to be completed. Your LDC will do a last meter read and the new supplier will start the billing process from there. This will be a seamless transaction that will leave you with the same utility service that you’ve always had, but a lower utility bill going forward.

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