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Tax Incentives and Utility Rebates

Currently under Federal law there are substantial tax credits and grants in lieu of tax credits available to building owners who demonstrate their commitment to energy conservation. If you are a building owner/operator that has outdated lighting or has an aging HVAC system, the Federal Government is willing to give you substantial tax incentives to replace (retrofit) your current systems. Coupled with this is another substantial windfall by way of rebates from your local Utility Company. Together these incentives are extremely lucrative and are potent combinations that are just too good to pass up. However these “sweet” programs are time sensitive and are subject to reductions as we move into 2011 and beyond


The flip side to the Governments “sweet green incentives” are the fact that mandates are now in place for certain cities that will force building owners to comply with energy conservation guidelines. If you own older energy guzzling buildings in your portfolio, or are contemplating new construction, be warned, the old adage of “What you don’t know can’t hurt you “certainly does not apply here. Being equipped with the right information can add a substantial amount of money (green, no pun intended) to your bottom line.

What constitutes outdated or aging equipment?

Even if you replaced your HVAC or lighting systems within the past five (5) years you could still be a perfect candidate for the new programs. If navigated properly you could show a return on investment in as little as one (1) year and reduce your energy expenses by as much as fifty percent (50%). This is money that goes directly into your pocket, not to mention the marketability of an energy efficient buildings.

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