Solar Energy and Alternative Energy Systems

Commercial and Residential

P2P provides solar panel alternative energy solutions for both commercial and residential applications. We welcome the opportunity to service all that are sincere in their desire to profit from going green. No application is too big or too small.

Top Rated Equipment

P2P offers photovoltaic (PV or solar electric) solar panels, UL listed inverters, solar thermal collectors, and wind harvesting turbines from all the major U.S. manufacturers. We use only the finest American made products in our system designs. This gives us the ability to offer a superior system that provides the best over-all value for our customers, and keeps the taxpayer dollars that fund the renewable energy incentives circulating back into our own economy. Now, THAT is true sustainability.

Professional Installation

P2P employs only the most qualified and experienced installers that carry the highest industry certifications. We maintain the proper working insurance policies, and adhere to all local building codes and regulations. Rest assured that your alternative energy investment will be installed by the very best in the business. In addition, P2P is a LISEIA (Long Island Solar Energy Industries Association) Blue Ribbon Contractor. Click on the banner to find out more about LISEIA.

Service and Warranty

All manufacturers warranties are honored and service provided for. Industry standard warranties are 10 to 15 years for inverters and 20 to 30 years for PV panels. Solar thermal and wind equipment warranties vary by manufacturer. All of our workmanship is warranted 5 years. Although little to no service is required on almost all PV installations and equipment, service contracts are available for all of our installations.

Financing and Equipment Lease

Whether commercial or residential, the Power 2 Profit financing department has decades of experience in providing financial solutions for business and property owners. The proper financing vehicle can eliminate the need to expend precious working capital, and can enable a system owner to enter into a cash flow positive situation almost immediately following their system purchase.

PPA: Power Purchase Agreement (for Commercial Installations)

One of the strategies that we employ is the PPA or “power purchase agreement”. Using this model, the end user of the alternative energy supply grants a third party the right to utilize the user’s rooftop or other real estate for the placement of an alternative energy system. In exchange, the end user receives a long term contract for power at a negotiated price that is generally less than that being charged by their existing utility provider. This provides the end user with a long term, fixed energy cost that insulates them against certain energy cost increases. In many instances there is little or no outlay of capital from the end user in this type of arrangement.

Power 2 Profit Method (for Real Estate Investors)

Using a proprietary contract and an industry experienced legal team, P2P Energy Solutions can provide real estate investors with tenant owned properties the unique ability to profit from alternative energy generation by selling the power that their systems generate directly to their tenants. Ask your P2P Alternative Energy Specialist to review your current lease agreements and real estate holdings for a customized explanation of how we can give YOU the Power 2 Profit.

Areas Served

Power 2 Profit Energy Solutions will provide turnkey solar and alternative energy solutions in New York, including Long Island, New York City and Upstate. We also service New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Please Contact Us to find out how we can help.

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